From Billboard Mecca: “It’s The Consumer, Stupid”

Yes, a panelist — Andy Nulman, president and CEO, Airborne Entertainment — did suggest “it’s the stupid consumer” as in that’s the attitutde taken by too many people in the business.

Moderated by Rob Tercek, co-founder, Multimedia Networks, LLC, in addition to Nulman, the panel included Ray Anderson, CEO, Bango; Simon Buckingham, CEO, MobileStreams; Vernon Irvin, EVP & GM, Jamster/VeriSign; and Ryan Wuerch, chairman & CEO, Motricity.

Nulman’s comment came as he was describing the “enormous array of direct to consumer intiatives” Airborne has en route after looking around and deciding that the first round wave of D2C sites looked alike and not in a good way; also that some not only “sucked” but were dishonest. “What’s important rght now is that what we do is go to the next stage and say, ‘How can we best deal with the consumer?’ I know this panel is called ‘it’s the customer, stupid’ but, I think, in many respects, we look at it as ‘it’s the stupid customer. They’re gonna buy anything.'”

Tercek asked VeriSign’s Irwin to respond to that in the context of the Crazy Frog scandal in Europe when parents found out their kids had subscribed to a pay service by downloading a song. He wondered if it’s approriate for a company that deals in security to be connected with an acquisition that caused that kind of ruckus: “What we did was very quickly create a very transparent view of pricing and created a service called jamster Guardian, where parents could see what kids are subscribing to, filter the content … I think we’ve become the tide that’s sort of raising all the boats.”
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