@ NCTA: Interview: Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks/President, Disney-ABC Television Gr

Literally grabbed a few minutes with Anne Sweeeney, who made the biggest news so far today, then dashed out the door to catch up with her family for spring break. The announcement that Disney will stream on ABC.com four of its top shows for free — even if it’s only a trial — has editors going cukoo for cocopuffs (as a colleague in the press room just described it). Is it that big a deal? To some extent, yes. Any time one of the top content providers in the world tries to change the game, it’s worth paying attention. When they do it with top shows during a trial period that includes sweeps — and they get advertisers to come along — even more. Some excerpts:
Kramer: Can you compare the kind of you can make with these 10 advertisers to what you do with broadcast?

Sweeney: “No. Not yet. In two months, I think I’ll know what the framework is and I think I’ll know what some of the opportunities are and what some of the challenges are but right now I’m loathe to pin a number on it because it wouldn’t be real.”

Kramer: So right now you can’t talk about x dollars in broadcast for every dollar made this way?

Sweeney: “No and that’s not the way, honestly, that we approached the iPod deal. We approached saying we’ve looked at this device, it’s this great consumer experience, Apple has a fantastic brand relationship with our consumers, this is a gooid place for us to be, We didn’t say then, oh, and the revenue will be enhanced because we didn’t know. … It has so exceeded my expectations.”

Kramer: Pressure from affilates?

Sweeney: Phase two of the test — we can’t do everything at once.