Love in the Internet age

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, I ended up in a meta-physical discussion with some folks yesterday about the fact that if you can find real love on the Internet. Sitting in the lounge of the old W hotel, as we sipped Oban, wine, diet coke, martini’s and other potions of intoxication, we all wondered if it was possible to meet someone on the internet, fall in love, get married and happily ever after. Many argued (mostly ladies) it is quite possible. I for one (with support from another person) argued, no it is not possible.

After all, how can any one who has grown up hearing love stories like Heer Ranjha, Laila Majnu, Sahib Mirza and Saasi Punno (four couples who make Romeo and Juliet seem like over sexed teenagers) buy into the ¶finding love on the internet¾ theory. After all can you not project any image to a person when writing to them on email and yet at the same time staying anonymous. Can you not massage the truth or perhaps out right lie. And can you really after communicating with some one for months and years meet them and decide in first twenty seconds that there is nothing there ? no connection or no chemistry.

I wonder about that often enough, and then at the same time I am amazed how successful some of the desi-match making services are on the web. What is the answer to this vexing question? I will continue to think and perhaps one day share my thoughts with you.

Meanwhile you are more than welcome to chime in.