For Whom The Bells Toll

So the House of Representatives passed the Tauzin-Dingel Bill. Is anyone surprised, after all the Baby Bells spent around $20 million lobbying for this bill in last year alone. Take it into account the money spent on promoting it on television, and the tab quickly adds up.

“You can’t come to Congress, take the oath to tell the truth, and then not tell the truth,” House Commerce Committee Chairman Billy Tauzin said in response to Enron’s former CEO Jeffrey Skilling’s testimony that he was ignorant of many of the deals that lead to Enron’s bankruptcy. Using the same logic, the New Networks Institute argues that “Why are so many members in the House and key members of the Federal Communications Commission ready to buy the incredible tales they are being told by the four regional Bell operating companies?”

Actually they have a good point. In 2001, a bill was introduced by Representatives Tauzin-& Dingell that is designed to give the four Bell monopolies—BellSouth, Verizon (Bell Atlantic, GTE, NYNEX), SBC (Ameritech, Pac Bell) and Qwest, a further lock on the local market, even though this time instead of voice it is going to be broadband access. I think that is single dumbest thing any government can do. Why it is simple ? bells want this iron clad agreement in place before they can invest any more money on investing in new technologies for broadband over phone lines, also commonly known as DSL.

Well don’t buy that for a minute because once this monopoly ?type situation kicks-in, then expect service that is worse than your voice service. Did you know that Verizon has billed me twice in past one month for the same account, and one statement came in Spanish. Oh well ? back to school again and learn a new language, just to read my phone bill.