Audience Increases to Paid Sites:

Audience Increases to Paid Sites: Following up on my earlier posting about traffic to the website, CBS MarketWatch does a story on the site and its growing audience. The site had 5.7 million unique users in June, more than three times the traffic of 2000. The jump came even after the MLB began charging a season pass of $9.95 for the 2001 season and $14.95 for the 2002 season.

Some of the most popular sites that started off free and are now paid services are also losing users. Blue Mountain Arts had 12.5 million unique users in June of last year. Now that’s dropped down to 3.7 million in June of 2002. American Greetings, which started charging in early December 2001, saw its traffic fall to 5.5 million unique users per month from 8 million last June.