Will ScreamingMedia Buy Inlumen?: Rumors

Will ScreamingMedia Buy Inlumen?: Rumors about the buyout/merger between two of the content syndication players have been swirling around: Web-based content aggregator ScreamingMedia and its fellow financial info provider Inlumen may merge resources to tide over the clobbering in the financial services industry.

“With fewer dot-coms needing Web-based content syndication contracts, and new software products a tougher sell to a finicky financial services industry these days, it’s no wonder that merger talk has picked up again. For Inlumen, an acquisition or even a merger of equals could be just the ticket to staying competitive. Same for ScreamingMedia.”

“That way, Inlumen could continue to focus on serving financial markets via content feeds to corporate intranets, while ScreamingMedia could diversify even further into mobile and wireless content syndication.”