Outcaste releases Essential Asian Flavas

Outcaste Press Release:: It is amazing to think that it took a bunch of American hip hop producers to take some Bollywood beats and vocals and turn the UK Asian music scene on its head. Timbaland with Missy Elliott, Dre with Truth Hurts, they have both been at the vanguard of this American movement which continues a pace in the clubs. By combining urban rhythms with Asian musical forms a whole new musical genre has been created. On Essential Asian Flavas British Asian producers have caught up and created a sound which finally brings Bhangra and the Asian Underground into the 21st century. This compilation celebrates this inventive new music by presenting you with the biggest cuts of the moment like the massive smash hit Panjabi MCs Mundian To Bach Keí, as well as those tracks like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khanís hit from the film Bend it Like Beckham that have inspired the movement. Click here to get track listings.