I have been test driving

I have been test driving two newly launched subscription video services: the ABCNews.com’s ABC News Live (video file) 24-hour online channel (available through RealOne service), and Yahoo Platinum, the multi-media service launched on Monday in competition to RealOne.

Here’re some of my initial thoughts: Yahoo’s service choices are a bit too sparse at this point, even including the sports coverage. I presume things will get better as it signs up more providers. But at this point, it does not even come close to the service choices offered by RealNetworks. I have to say, though, that Yahoo’s service is blazingly fast, much faster than Real. Interface is simple and works better on slower ADSL connection I have.

On ABCNews.com, what is that weird dead-air noise in the background? It happens everytime the service cuts from one clip to another. And I have to say, the clips are badly edited…there has to be some ticker detailing the upcoming clips (since it is not technically live, they could do it). And I do miss the anchors live (blame the C-Span type coverage)–of course, you can watch these anchors on demand. Most of what the site called C-Span type coverage–live briefings from White House and others)–are available for free from C-Span site (and now Reuters as well…see the post below), so ABCNews.com has to do better than that.

More on this later….