Earthlink is Broadband poster child

From Broadband Daily :; EarthLink began promoting this week a new dial-up service, called EarthLink Plus, that the company contends speeds web page loading by a factor of five over plain old dial-up. Priced at $28.95 per month, a $7 premium over the standard $21.95 rate, EarthLink Plus features what the company calls its EarthLink Accelerator , which uses compression, caching and ?persistent connection? technology supplied by stand-alone web accelerator company Propel.

EarthLink and incumbent telco BellSouth announced 3/24 an expanded agreement that will give the broadband-friendly EarthLink a wider footprint in the southern telco’s service area. Both companies characterized the sketchy pact as one that will further greater choice in high-speed Internet service in BellSouth’s markets.