Gulp! Yahoo and Overture Are Only The Beginning

Business 2.0 – Cover Story :: The tech industry is poised for a major eat-or-be-eaten phase. Who dines, and who’s bait? The answers will reshape the IT landscape — and dictate much about the future of jobs and investment.

Erick Schonfeld and I worked on this story together, and came up with a few interesting combinations that could basically give a jump start to the much needed consolidation in the technology sector.

One of the deals, Yahoo buying Overture was announced the very day magazine started shipping to the subscribers. But our theory is that we are not done. We believe that Yahoo should merge with Barry Diller’s Interactive Corp., and put Barry in charge.

Other combinations we are suggeting:
1. ATT Wireless buys Cingular Wireless
2. Cisco buys EMC and Sun
3. Apple buys Roxio
4. Oracle buys BEA Systems
5. IBM buys SAP

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