In Munich, they love WiFi

Munich Airport it seems is quite a destination these days thanks to its WiFi Network.

bq. Since it deployed a Cisco wireless local area network (WLAN) within its terminal buildings, the German airport’s operator, Flughafen M|nchen GmbH, has seen Internet access figures jump from 20 users a month to 200 a day, despite the fact that the operator is now charging for what was introduced as a free service.

Apparently Germans love Wi-Fi.

bq. IDC research earlier this year noted 327 percent growth up until the end of 2002 in the European WLAN market, with Germany leading the way in the number and range of wireless hotspots.

Luftansa is finding more and more of its customers are using in-flight WiFi according to the same article.

bq. After more than 50 flights, Lufthansa reported an average of 150 Internet-access users per trip, with as many as 80 users supported at the same time. The airline also offers WLAN connections in its club lounges, through the service provider Vodafone.