Movielink Updates Service, Plans New Ad Campaign

Online movie download service Movielink on Wednesday unveiled an upgrade to its site software with a host of new features aimed at making the service faster and more convenient to use….it also plans to launch a wider marketing campaign targeting college students and travelers.

The site was adding new customers at a rate of between 10 percent and 20 percent a month, according to the company.

New software allows users to view the movie within two to 10 minutes of starting a download, instead of the two hours earlier. Previously, users had to watch the movie in one sitting, and the movie would essentially delete itself from a computer hard-drive once it was viewed. The 2.0 version, however, will allow customers to rent a movie multiple times within a 30-day period without having to download again. It also gives users the ability to stop a movie, shut down the computer, then later resume viewing at the same point.