MusicMatch, Dell to Launch Music Stores

MusicMatch plans to jump into the digital song-selling business next week, with Dell promoting the company’s new download service…it will use the popular MusicMatch Jukebox software and will distribute music in Microsoft’s Windows Media format.

Update: According to MarketWatch, it will sell music for 99 cents a download and albums for $9.99. The company says it has agreements with the five major music labels and is has 200,000 tracks available.

Unlike other services that have launched in recent months (like BuyMusic), MusicMatch boasts broader usage rights for consumers.

LA Times (reg. req.): “MusicMatch’s deal — copying to three computers, transferring to portable music players that handle Microsoft’s secure music format and burning as many as 5 CDs with the same set of songs — is likely to be available to any store aimed at Windows users, said Gary Stiffelman, an attorney representing BuyMusic.”

Dell’s Role: Sources said the company’s store would be a separately branded version of the MusicMatch service. Dell will be one of the first companies to promote the new download service to consumers.