The Red Herring Masthead

As a public service to the toiling journalists who are working at the new Red Herring, and who are not getting credit for their work (or the fact that they even exist at the company, with their no bylines policy), we present the company masthead. Well, it was actually send by a site reader, who also happened to be at the Red Herring launch party last night. If there are any additions/corrections/spelling mistakes in this, please post in the comments below:

Red Herring Inc. Staff Name – title – (Past experience)

Alex Vieux – CEO and Publisher (Dasar)

Daniel Essindi – COO (Dasar)

Anam Alpenia – Red Herring Events (Dasar)

Jim Daley – Editor in Chief (Business 2.0)

Richard Brandt – Red Herring Forums Editor (Upside) [huh, and I thought he had left in a huff…well, he’s still there]

Mark Powelson – Managing Editor (PBS, Salon)

Senior Staff – all with title of “Journalist”:

Lee Bruno – Lead Editor for Sector Briefings (Briefing editor at Red Herring)

Marc Frochtzweig – Lead Copyeditor (Netscape)

Kim Girard – Lead Editor for Company and People Profiles (Fmr. Section Editor at CNET, Sr. Writer at Business 2.0)

Vishesh Kumar – Lead reporter on Venture Capital (Ex- Industry Standard)

Mark Mowrey – Lead Editor, Red Herring Research (Red Herring Research, Industry Standard Research)

David Speakman – Lead Editor on Industries coverage (fmr. Asst. News Director at ON24 News)

They also have a couple fresh-faced Stanford Journalism graduates (one from Vietnam and one from Scotland) who they recruited from Fortune and Business 2.0, respectively.