It is Herring Versus Herring.

Smoked Fish/ Dead Herring/ and the New Herring, it is interesting to see a big battle spurt between the guys behind the two avatars of Red Herring. Tony Perkins is swinging his bat at the French Socialist, a few days after the little man who could fired the first salvo in an article in the San Jose Mercury News.

bq. So the inside story regarding the re-launch of the Red Herring media brand goes something like this. Back in early 2003, when the Red Herring board of directors decided to shut down the 10-year-old media company (founded in 1993 by yours truly), the 300,000-plus subscriber list and the Red Herring brand and editorial archives and Website were put up for auction. Time Warner bought the subscriber list, [AlwaysOn Network]

Anyway it is quite interesting to see the battle, for Little man who could is making assertions which are simply in-accurate. How about this? More that the dot-com bubble, it was the old testament of Red Herring which blew the whistle on the optical bubble, the telecom bubble and the web-hosting bubble. Guys tell this little man who could that there is a thing called archives which he owns and should learn how to search and understand. By the way, there are folks from Old Herring who work at the Red Herring and they should take offense at these comments made in San Jose Mercury News.

bq. Vieux has quickly put a different stamp on the magazine, which once raked in tens of millions of dollars in advertising, but then floundered when the tech industry imploded in 2001. Gone are the days when staff worked 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and wore T-shirts and Birkenstocks. Vieux has instilled a new dress code: men must wear ties from Monday through Thursday — a draconian move for Silicon Valley’s casual norms. He’s asking employees to work six-day weeks.

First of all, no one worked those hours, except perhaps part timers. Also we were better dressed than shorts and I for one, have never owned a pair of Birkenstocks.

On the point of neck ties, here is a little something: neck ties can cause blindness. Going a few steps further, I would suggest the two men should bury the hatchet, and move on. There is enough room for both to exist. One way or the other