Net2Phone+IDT Telecom+Cable Cos=RBOC Headache

The writing is on the wall for the Baby Bells – VoIP is going to force them to change their business models and the proof is going to be with us shortly. This new development is yet another nail in the TDM coffin, so to speak. Net2Phone has teamed-up with IDT Telecom and together they will make cable-based phone systems easier. (I would like to note that both these companies are from the same parent, Howard Jonas, a former weenie-vendor who leverage the art of sucking up to John Malone into a billion dollar empire.) Loop Capital believes that the beauty of this model for the non-Bells is that “VoIP delivery lowers the reliance on UNE-P switching.  Should future regulation change in favor of the RBOCs, which we believe will eventually happen, the IXCs will be in a much better position.”