Sprint Adding TV Service For Cell Phones

TV on mobile is red hot (which, of course, doesn’t mean anything when it comes to business models): Sprint network in U.S, is adding a TV service for cell phones with real-time programs, albeit somewhat choppy, from cable networks including CNBC and ABC News. It is almost-live, with live audio streaming and the video will play at a rate of one or two frames per second, as compared with more than 20 frames per second for real TV.

The new MobiTV service, available starting Thursday, will cost $9.99 per month in addition to the monthly fee of $15 that Sprint subscribers pay to use the Internet data connection on their mobile phones. Other networks featured on the service include MSNBC, Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel.

Dow Jones: both Sprint and MobiTV provider Idetic Inc. were careful to not to set expectations for the new service too high. “This isn’t the kind of thing where you’re going to watch a movie, but it is the kind of thing where the frame rate is fine” for viewing a program such as a newscast, said Paul Scanlan, a co-founder of Idetic.