Digital Music Goes the Way of the Razor

This is Bambi Francisco’s reading, in wake of Loudeye’s announcement of a tie up with Microsoft for and ASP music service…”Selling online music was already crowded, and now Loudeye has lowered the bar again. This is, of course, a far better deal for consumers. Theoretically, the consequence of more competition is better prices for consumers. For sellers, it’s a different story. It’s a wonder anyone bothers getting into this business at all.”

Also see, “Microsoft’s Music Aims To Put Apple ITunes in Juicer“. That’s putting it mildly, NYPost style: “Microsoft is willing to sacrifice, or at least handicap, its own music store ambitions in the process. The company earlier announced that it was launching a download service next year, although Loudeye will be helping to prop up dozens of competitors.