Wi-Fi deal that makes sense

T-Mobile and iPass announced a distribution deal that will allow iPass customers to roam onto the T-Mobile Wi-Fi network. T-Mobile research shows that 88% of their wi-fi hotspots are used for business. While I-Pass’ whole business model is built around enterprise-level connectivity, ease of use and security. Add two and two and you get 22 here.

“T-Mobile has been very aggressive in building and promoting what is now North America’s largest single commercial Wi-Fi network,” said John Yunker of Pyramid Research. “By including locations such as airports and Kinko’s, the T-Mobile thinking is right in-line with the iPass business-oriented venue approach to building its virtual Wi-Fi network for the enterprise.”

With this deal, iPass ends up with well over 10,000 hotspots under contract. Ipass PR claims that is more than Boingo and GRIC’s “under contract” hotspots combined. By adding the more than 3,900 (to grow by 800 by end of year) T-Mobile hotspots in the United States, iPass will grow its USA hotspot footprint, currently at 1,551, by 350 percent.

Now that is something which truly makes sense. I think we need more of these companies to start working together, and provide at least seamless coverage.