Smart Display dead

Steve Jobs was right – there is no point developing an equivalent of Smart Display. Apparently Microsoft, has learned this the hard way, and has suspended work on the “dumbest idea” of 2003. A report in Korea IT Times says that Barons of Redmond in a communique last week announced decision to abandon the development of Smart Display OS. A lot of electronics makers like Viewsonic, Samsung, LG, Trigem and a bevy of unknowns had signed on for the Smart Display program but are feeling screwed by Microsoft.

bq. “Informing its change in policy, Microsoft did not express any apology except saying ‘We appreciate your cooperation’,” said an officer at a monitor maker. “We have to be more prudent in deciding whether or not to support Microsoft when it announces a new business plan.” “We have not received any official words from the head office on this subject yet, and we are now trying to find out the truth,” said Microsoft Korea.

Smart Display OS, announced earlier this year allowed LCD monitors to be used for connecting with PCs via wireless networks. Sort of like a wireless dumb terminal.