The New, New MSN the 200th time…the new MSN Premium… the software costs $9.95 a month, or $99.95 a year, for a product offering a souped-up e-mail client, a more sophisticated digital photo editor that emphasizes picture sharing, and the ability to access e-mails off a separate Outlook account, among other features.

Aside from its software bundle, Microsoft will also unveil on Wednesday night MSN Video, a free, ad-supported streaming video service that it began testing last fall. MSN Video will stream considerable amounts of content from its media partner NBC…The service has added other video providers such as Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, Food Channel, clips from the National Hockey League and movie channel Showtime, among others.

CBS MarketWatch: “Advertisers will get about 15 seconds of advertising for every five to six minutes of broadband content viewed…”

Reuters: The portal was also revamped with an updated look that gave users the ability to customize pages by dragging and dropping different sections of the Web page.

For all the weary details, read the company release.

NYTimes: The latest move can be considered to be a repositioning to compete more directly with Yahoo’s personalized Web portal and America Online’s broadband premium service.

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