Flarion’s Day in the Sun, almost

UPDATE: Flarion, the so-called 4G broadband wireless less company which has been subject of great media coverage is finally coming stateside, except it cannot talk about it. Many of you must have read my post from yesterday on Nextel’s broadband efforts, but what I forgot to mention was that it was Flarion’s technology that would power the Nextel’s next generation networks. Flash-OFDM is a proprietary technology to Flarion, according to UNStrung, and Glenn put two-and-two together, since officially Flarion cannot talk about this deal. Research firm Allied Business Research confirmed this in a press release today.

bq. The launch, anticipated by ABI analysts to occur in December, sends a strong message to other wireless carriers and infrastructure vendors: The future of wireless does not revolve solely around UMTS and CDMA2000. Though investment in these technologies is still expected to dominate overall carrier spending, rival technologies, including Flash-OFDM like that of Flarion, could represent about 20% of overall spending before the end of the decade, according to technology market research firm ABI.

bq. “Deploying Flash-OFDM or a similar technology enables a wireless carrier to skip a generation, leap-frogging the competitors’ service offerings,” declares Edward Rerisi, VP of Research at ABI. “With Nextel’s history of operating against the grain, they are not committed to either the GSM or CDMA camp, freeing them to make these bold moves.”

Here is an update from one of the readers:
* The North Carolina C trial is Nextel’s third with Flarion, and its the largest. The others were in Reston and NYC.
* Motorola has been working on iDen/Flarion handsets for over 2yrs.
* DT (I am assuming the Germans) is sniffing around Flarion, pretty serious.
* Charlie thinks that this is the first step in Nextel going for the consumer.

Thanks Charlie.. by the way your email is bouncing back