Yet another Wireless OS

A tiny Chelmsford, MA-based start-up, SavaJe Technologies has entered the muddy water of cellphone operating systems. Going up against scores of propreitrary solutions, PalmOS, Pocket PC/SmartPhone OS, and Symbian is java-based Savaje OS. The company is backed by Vodafone and Orange, two of the world’s largest cellphone service providers. Their backing of this company tells me that there is a lot of tension between the phone makers and the service providers, as each one of them jostle to put their brand in front of the consumers. (Ironically the announcement of Savaje OS comes a few weeks after Nokia decided to buy out Symbian.)

bq. Operators can create their own user interfaces for selected markets but the underlying software remains the same. SavaJe believes that its focus on telecoms carriers will make it more attractive than the other major efforts. “All of these [rival] offerings stem from a PDA environment where most of the requests have come from the equipment manufacturers rather than the operators,” said Bob Gilkes, SavaJe chief executive. “The operators have had to take what they could rather than what they wanted. They have begun to create their own branding and segmentation and in doing so they run into a battle with the providers of the operating systems.”