Flarion’s on fire

Flarion has been on fire lately. After landing Nextel, now there is word that the company has signed a deal with Vodafone KK to test a system in and will start trials within next few weeks.

bq. Though the test network is in Japan, Flarion’s director of marketing in Europe, Joe Barrett, says this is very much a “corporate-level” engagement by Vodafone, which is the first European operator to break cover and go public on its work with Flarion.

Two of the leading Korean operators, SK Telecom and KT (formerly Korea Telecom) were the first to start trials, and the company is close to signing another trial customer in Europe. This does not mean that Vodafone will become a customer, but the gods are smiling on Flarion these days.

Flarion’s day in the Sun