Have mobile office, will travel

My main thing is mobile technology that can really be used and make me more productive no matter where I am. I work out of my car most days and have to carry a mobile office with me. Keeping in touch via email or MSN Messenger is vital to me and my tools reflect that.

Currently I am using a Compaq Presario X1015 widescreen laptop as my main system. It’s got a gig of memory, 80 gb hard drive, and a 15.4″ screen that runs at 1680 x 1040. It’s a sweet machine and between WiFi and Verizon’s Express Network I can stay connected the entire time I’m running it no matter where I am in the US.I’ve been involved in the handheld PC community since the HP95LX and quickly joined the HPC world when HP introduced their first Windows CE clamshell. When the Pocket PC came out I switched to a Casio E-125 which served me well for over two years. A few devices later and I’m now quite happy with my VGA enabled Toshiba e805 which is the best PPC I’ve ever used. Built-in WiFi and a screen that lets me use real documents and spreadsheets. Pop open the Stowaway IR keyboard and some days I even leave my laptop at my home office. I can track my billable time and sync it back to the Compaq. I’m mobilely happy. I will be posting details about my mobile setup from time to time and discuss how I use it effectively in the hopes that others find use in it.