I can’t wait for EvDO

Verizon is supposed to seriously roll out their broadband wireless this year and next. The technology they use is called EvDO (evolution, data optimized) and using cellular technology will have average data rates of 300 Kbps – 600 Kbps. With burst data rates of 2.4 Mbps. That’s Mbps! The service has been in a couple of test markets for about a year and according to this article on InfoWorld Verizon should have the EvDO network deployed in a third of the company’s market by the end of this year.I’ve been using Verizon’s Express Network for over a year and while it’s nice having email access no matter where I am it’s a little slow sometimes. Like, whenever it’s used.Verizon- Houston’s a big market, OK? A really big market. It should be top of the deployment list. 🙂