So what’s next from Apple

AirPort Express with AirTunes: Plug in an Airport Express, attach it to any stereo (or powered speakers), and automagically stream iTunes music anywhere in your house. This is a clever idea, and perhaps the first example of what kind of innovation is on deck, thanks to those mini WLAN chips being developed by Broadcom. (Take that Intel!) So what will Apple announce at next month’s MacWorld. After all if it can drop this tiny grenade today, imagine what’s on deck for the big show! Gizmodo speculates:

And since AirTunes works via iTunes, it looks like an update (version 4.6) is just around the corner (between now and the mid-July launch date, for sure)

My two cents: I expect this product to add power-over-ethernet functions, soon enough. It would also be supporting a S-Video out in the future generations. And lastly, I expect a new device from Apple – which is somewhere between a laptop and a PDA, but completely connected and be mostly used by the thumb tribes, i.e. young people who cannot live without IM. (Okay – it just a guess about what Apple should or could be building next!)