Going public ain’t easy

google.gif Silicon Valley is desperately trying to bring back the 1990s, betting that Google will jump-start another bull run that will make at least some insider very very very rich! My guess is that they will have to wait a little bit longer, for there are some unforeseen legal problems that are cropping up around the uber search engine. Today Affinity Engines, a company co-founded by Orkut co-creator Orkut Buyukkokten filed a lawsuit against Google for stealing code. Orkut had co-founded a social-networking service called Club Nexus with Tyler Ziemann. The two then sold the service to Stanford for use by the university’s undergraduates, reports Wired News. In addition, the company is also locked in a patent infringement battle with Overture “over their AdWords.’ Of course we all know about the privacy brouhaha over text ads in the GMail service. Who said going public is easy!