The morning after

My favorite waste of time the morning after Boston Sox have been ground to pulp is reading the Boston papers. New York dailies of course would be singing the praises of their team. And who will not applaud Derek Jeter’s sac-fly! But reading the Boston papers and seeing Sox fans suffer… well as the commercial goes, priceless. For everything else there is mastercard.

Boston Globe: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more hideous, the Sox did it again last night. With a bad moon risin’ over the Bronx, they blew a 4-3 lead in the bottom of the 13th when the Yankees had two outs and no one on base.

Boston Herald: There were lots of opportunities, of course, from pinch hitting to defense to just about anything. Garciaparra did not play. And it remains unclear whether Francona resisted from using his shortstop or whether Garciaparra resisted his manager, particularly when Francona indicated before the game that he expected Garciaparra to be back in the lineup tonight.

Boston Herald: Curt Schilling and Scott Williamson had a verbal confrontation during the final stages of Wednesday’s Sox loss. The matter reportedly escalated when Schilling questioned Williamson’s willingness to remain in a contest the Sox led at the time, 2-0 but eventually lost, 4-2.

ESPN Sox Writer Bill SImmons: This winter, the Sox didn’t get it done and the Yankees did. That’s been the difference over the years. The Yankees go the extra mile. Of course, they can spend twice as much money as anyone else, and everyone who roots for them is headed to hell some day. But yes, they always go the extra mile. The fact remains that there were two blue-chippers available this winter — A-Rod and Javy Vasquez — and the Yankees got them both. You can’t build a team around four high-profile starting pitchers, an expensive closer and a crummy defense, paced by an explosive offense that can’t create a run from scratch to save its life. Here’s what happens: You win a bunch of games by scores like 10-3, and you lose a bunch of games by scores like 3-2. The pieces don’t fit.