Now starring Da Palm

A long time ago, I watched the movie, The Saint, and fell in love with the Nokia Communicator. The sight of Val Kilmer, doing his clandestine banking in the heart of Red Square opened my eyes to the wireless possibilities. Of course I was completely distracted by Elisabeth Shue, but that’s a whole different story. On August 6th, when Little Black Book hits the theaters, Palm will make its major on-screen debut. Sure it has gotten bit parts as Treo 300 in the latest Jason Bourne flick, but August 6th is going to be the big one. In case you were wondering, the movie starts Brittany Murphy, who plays Stacy Holtan, an associate producer for daytime talk show hostess Kippie Kann (Kathy Bates), who is frustrated when her boyfriend Derek (Ron Livingston) refuses to discuss his past relationships. With the encouragement of co-worker Barb (Holly Hunter), she delves into his Palm Tungsten handheld to learn about his ex-girlfriends.

Interestingly, I see hope for all geeks. After all only a geek would take the time to put the images and data about all his Xes in his Palm. If Derek can score a Stacy, then there is hope for rest of us. (Something does not make sense – if you are a geek, do you need a database?) Anyway it is interesting how Palm has gone from the pocket-protector set to the hipster domain so quickly. Also wondering how much money did Palm pay for this plug – after all Columbia is owned by Sony and Sony till recently used to make Sony Clie! Clie is the Halle Barry of handhelds, in my opinion. On a more serious tip, read my article in Salon, Death of a Cheerleader. I wrote, “Cisco now advertises its wares on prime-time television, while Intel hawks its goods in Vanity Fair. Blokes get their MP3 player tips from Maxim, and girls buy Sony Cliés because they are cute. ” Anyway enjoy the movie, and let me know how it goes. I got no plans to see this one!