Everything’s wrong at Intel?

Intel CEO Craig Barrett is hopping mad about things going wrong at Intel all the time. “Barrett says he has spoken “bluntly and directly” to his senior managers about these problems, but we don’t believe this will help. It is the plan that is at fault and not the execution,” writes analyst Ashok Kumar in his report today. I think Kumar is being very polite.

Barrett wants executive to shape-up or ship out. Well how about he himself leaving the building? He was supposed to be the guy who was a manufacturing maven, a stickler for execution. How about taking some of the blame himself. After all it is on his watch that Intel’s telecom adventures have cost about $10 billion in write-offs! Canceling an entire processor roadmap? Almost all of the major new products within the Intel Architecture business unit during 2004 have been late or flawed in some respect. Here is a recap of what has gone wrong, and what it means for the most dominant chip company on the planet!

  • Tejas cancellation
  • delays and a recall of the desktop Grantsdale chipset
  • the delayed launch of Dothan
  • substantial delay for the Alviso mobile chipset
  • ongoing overproduction of slower Prescott processors
  • a flaw in the Lindenhurst server chipset
  • the delay of the 4GHz Prescott until 1Q05

(I will do update this later in the week!)