Internet Calling Again

Vonage founder Jeffrey Citron is making news again, this time in the pages of Time Magazine. (Internet Calling Google Count) “He’s been sort of a nuisance and a prod,” says Steve Koppman, a telecom analyst with Gartner. “He has proved out the concept in the marketplace before the big players.” I agree. WIth 200,000 customers Vonage is not taking gouda out of Verizon’s mouth and is unlikely to have any real impact. The story outlines how the big players have jumped in and are basically going to out hustle Vonage. Towards the end of the story, pay attention to these lines: “Where does that leave Vonage? It could go the way of Netscape and Hotmail, both of which were swallowed up after blazing the trail for larger, less agile competitors. Citron isn’t ready to sell just yet.” I guess if doesn’t sell soon, he may not have anything to sell. And more I see Vonage (and love using it) the more I see shades of @Home – it proved the concept, had technology problems and eventually went out of business.