(New) VoIP phones cometh

Bunch of new VoIP handsets – the fixed variety – are coming to market. Chinese manufactures are churning out these suckers by the thousands, and someone is going to start reselling them here in US soon enough. QX001 is a VoIP phone that features a 50MHz PA1688 chip, 2M SDRAM and 1M flash memory; supports major G.7XX and GSM610 audio codecs, DHCP and has 10/100M Ethernet LAN and cable modem connections. It can be configured through Web browser (preferable Internet Explorer 6) and Telnet. The other phone which is just out is the TCL-IP (6) VoIP phone. The phone has wide-range network access through ADSL, DDN, cable modem, WAN and LAN connections; features 16M SDRAM and has two 10/100M ports and among other things can also be used as VPN.