RealNetworks Removes Comments From Its Blog; Other Reactions

As I pretty much expected, RealNetworks has closed off comments on its FreedomofMusicChoice blog, a few hours after it was launched…couple of readers e-mailed me on that.

One reader wrote: “Hours after launch and Real has already pulled the peition and now offers now way for ‘dialog and thoughts’. When I looked about an hour ago, there were hundreds of posts, with only a very few, (as in ten, maybe) that were even partially sympathetic to Real.”

Updates (via Micropersuasion)

Real’s online petition for music ‘freedom’ backfires bigtime: A selection of recent comments from the first 333 signatures on the “Hey Apple, Don’t Break My iPod!” petition to Apple

PRWeek reports on the how the Apple faithfuls unleashed their fury, and because of that RNWK replaced its petition with a more sanitized version.

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