T teams up with Cable Cos

AT&T has finally teamed up with cable companies in a bid to push its VoIP service. AT&T will recommend customers to local cable co. for broadband service and this is a win-win for both parties. T gets the distribution, and no port blocking type of problems. Cable guys can quickly roll out VoIP service without spending a dime, so to speak. Turns up the heat on tiny players in the market. Boyd Peterson, an analyst with Yankee Group, told USA Today. “It’s a pretty simple thing to do that benefits both parties.” Dave Watson, an executive vice president at Comcast added, “AT&T’s selection of Comcast and other cable providers is a strong endorsement of the value, capability and reliability of our high-speed Internet service.” Net2Phone also works with cable companies, where it acts as their outsourced VoIP provider. Funny, how they don’t get much attention, compared to Vonage which is just a few miles south of them.