Cisco’s VoIP is not Cisco’s VoIP

Did you know that Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems does not use VoIP technology? Voxilla reports that despite the big brouhaha made by Cisco and Linksys over their new VoIP enabled WiFi equipment and ATA adapters, Linksys actually uses technology from a Cisco rival, Sipura.

A member of the team behind the two new products – the standalone PAP2 and the RT31P2 router – confirms that Linksys “partnered with Sipura” to develop the products. The ATA-186 was originally developed by Komodo Technology, which was purchased by Cisco in 2000. Much of the same team behind Sipura were formerly with Komodo and left Cisco to form Sipura in May of last year. When asked about the Linksys-Sipura relationship, Sherman Scholten, Vice President of Marketing for Sipura Technology, refused to comment.