Boycott Motorola V710 on Verizon

Earlier this month I recommended the Motorola V710 to my boss, only to find later that the bluetooth was really only for hooking up a headset or perhaps use in-car handsfree system. Well that was a career ending move. What I find most offensive about this whole deal is the double talk from Verizon. Can’t we make them do a full disclosure before hand about what you can or cannot use the phone for. I am glad to see Engadget take up the cause with this post, Verizon’s lame excuse for crippling the Bluetooth on the Motorola V710. They claim it is to keep hackers from Bluejacking your phone. If you buy that, send me an email, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for only $500. I think given that this is an early adopter product, why don’t we do a bit of digital activism and simply boycott the product. Will teach Verizon and Motorola a lesson on the “double talk.” Anyway some really smart analysis of VZ’s 710 over at Russell Beattie’s blog