Mirra for Mac?

mirra_personal_server_magic.jpgWe have all seen Mirra, the connected storage drive, and some of us have liked it as well. And that despite the fact that it works only with Windows. I complained about this to the company’s senior executives recently. Actually badgered them about why Mac users should miss out on the whole digital drive thing. After all it was Steve Jobs who woke up the entire industry to the “opportunity.” Why then there is no Mirra for Mac? Doesn’t Mirra founder and chairman Tim Bucher now work as senior vice president for macintosh system development at Apple? Now Mirra folks are genuinely nice people who gave into my repetitive questioning and told me that “they were working on a Mirra for mac.” No there is no beta, when I asked, “can I try one?” But they promised that there will be a beta soon? What about the real thing? No answers, except Santa isn’t gonna stuff this one in your stocking!