A new chip star in the making

MercuryNews.com has a longish piece on Infinera, an optical chip start-up that has developed a break through product that will lower the cost of building and maintaining data networks exponentially.

Infinera’s two chips are part of an entire system it is marketing to networking companies like Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks and telecommunications giants like AT&T. Infinera makes not only the chips but the networking card and software in a compact box that takes up one-tenth the space of a conventional system.

The article is skimpy on details, but still a good introduction. If you want more details, well there is more by yours truly. I had written a big cover story for the real Red Herring back in the day. More recently, I had written about the impact of “micro-opticals” on the future of telecom. (A more indepth look is in here!)

As a passing thought, most of the current Silicon Valley champs – Oracle, Cisco etc were created during deep recession/tech downturn. Infinera is following that same curve.