Wireless VoIP Phone Booth at Burning Man

Brad Templeton, one of the first few dotcommers has created a wireless VoIP Phone Booth at Burning Man and nearly 1600 calls were made.

The Black Rock Desert is where the rocket cars broke the sound barrier. It’s a perfectly flat dry lakebed, the location miles from the nearest village of Gerlach, and about 90 miles from Reno, the nearest significant city. In other words, it’s about the last place you would expect to find a phone booth, which is why I had to build one. Ideally I wanted a traditional “superman” style booth, and those can be found, but cost a fortune to ship, so we went with a more modern pedestal style phone. The goal was to have the phone just sitting there, mounted on the desert floor, connected to nothing, yet working, just where it shouldn’t.more…

[Via SIPthat.com]