TiVO To Go, Any Day Now

tivo.jpgLooks like TiVO-to-Go is going to be available any day soon. One astute reader sent me a link to Good Guys advertisement, which is pushing T2Go on its promotional literature. Tarune D Dillon writes, “I noticed goodguys advertised it as soon,” in its Saturday big 28 page flyers. Here is a link to the scan of the flyer. In related PVR developments, The Register reports that Silicon Image, a chip maker is working on a new processor that makes dumb drives smarter.

The company is using the fabled system-on-a-chip concept for its new SteelVine design. This basically lets a chip handle storage functions such as RAID, disk striping and making many disks look like one. Consumer device makers could plug the chip into their storage systems – media appliances or PVRs (Personal Video Recorders) – and give customers a bit more data protection. “We took all of the software and management stuff that is quite complicated and crunched it down onto a chip,” Tirado said. “To a Windows or Linux box, we look like a disk drive.”