The Long Tail In Digital Entertainment

I know: everyone has already linked to it, but I couldn’t before I read it myself…now I did and I feel a bit conflicted about in.

On one hand, it talks about the cliched promise of the Internet: everything is available for anyone, and everything will interest at least a few of us..thus creating unlimited markets for unlimited inventory…

On the other hand, Chris brings up some great examples which should get all of us thinking…Cinemanow CEO Curt Marvis talked about this: a niche versus broad market, in a panel which I blogged here…the broad helps sell the niche, that’s the lesson.

I’ll let you read the rest, but this gets me more excited about a few technologies I’ve been talking about for a while, especially in the mobile and broadband world: mobile music recognition technologies, collaborative filtering technologies in music and other areas, content interface and search/discovery software for on-demand content, and IPGs and others….