Covad trialing Fixed Wireless

There has been much speculation about Covad’s interest in fixed wireless technologies. The DSL company has been trying to find new ways to extend its local reach, especially when it comes to addressing the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Covad has in the past expressed interest in fixed wireless, and is a member of the WiMAX forum. Covad ran a trial in Louisville, Kentucky earlier this year, and at present it is conducting trials in the Bay Area. Over 40 people are trialing the service. Apparently, the trials will be extended to other parts of the Bay Area as well. The service is going to be commercial late next year. The equipment in use has come from Alvarion and Aperto Networks. I will bring more details, as I get my hands on them. At my panel, AT&T CTO Hossein Eslombolchi pointed out that AT&T is interested in getting fixed wireless going because it is a way to help save its access fees. But you guys already knew that.