Spike SpikeSource

Web 2.0 is over! Good, I can go back to my early morning, caffeine fueled ranting. Today’s rant-a-special: you guessed it, SpikeSource. The blogsphere is fawning over Kim Polese and her marginal start-up, Spike Source. The company which made its debut at Web 2.0 for purely publicity purposes is nothing to really write home about. Compare to posts devoted to Spike Source, and Source Labs, another company which does precisely the same thing. Kim’s preaching to the audience said a lot of things, which are not new, and well basically don’t tell me a lick about this company’s business model. I have a few things I want to bring to your attention: there is no company in the open source space that is making a ton of money to justify VC dollars (at least if you use the illogical rules VCs use). Red Hat is a bit of a sink hole even now. Testing etc is good idea, but a business to justify KP dollars, I don’t think so. And as for Kim, well if you remember Marimba – good idea, over hyped and in the end a bit of a day old Coke can. Spike Source, ditto! Here is a software guy’s take on all this hoopla. Read this and see why this is not such a great idea after all!

Note: Agree with Fred on giving Microsoft the shaft. Not because it is not a great cash machine anymore… which it is… but because it doesn’t have the attention of the developers as it used to have.