Barron’s Last word about WiMAX

Often I come across posts, and dim witted articles which just simply don’t make sense, or don’t look at the heart of the matter. But skimming through Barron’s today, I came upon the final, and perhaps the most prophetic summation of this creature called WiMAX.

“The buzz has definitely gotten out of hand,” says Craig Mathias, proprietor of the Ashland, Mass.-based Farpoint Group, an industry consulting firm. “The trade association got involved in marketing way too early. There’s a danger in building hype beyond what the technology can do.” In the fixed wireless market, Mathias sees a potential market “in the hundreds of millions, not billions.” For investors, Wi-Fi was a slam-dunk technology that proved a difficult investment proposition, as hardware and components quickly commoditized and prices fell. Good for consumers, not so much so for investors. With the exception of a few smaller companies that could become acquisition bait, the same thing could happen again with WiMax.