Google desktop versus Blinkx

Google unleashed the desktop beta on the world today. And as expected there is a huge furor around it. Since I am using Windows XP for a few days, I put it to test against Blinkx. My tests, admittedly very unscientific, show that Blinkx is a Mercedes compared to Google which is like a yugo. Having said that, I think this release has been rushed. Google needs to learn one thing: what works as a web interface doesn’t necessarily work as a desktop UI. Secondly, if you are going to release something, don’t rush it. Blinkx found music files, photos, and all sorts of things on this laptop. Google found limited stuff, mostly Microsoft mail and documents. Getting ready to uninstall already! Here is what others have to say: Kottke, Erik Speckman, John Battelle, Danny Sullivan, Business 2.0, BBC. Rael loves it!