SIM Cards with memory, brilliant!

SIM cards have been shipping with miniscule amount of memory, enough to hold a few hundred contacts, calendar and couple of games. Israel-based M-Systems wants to change all that and is introducing something called, the M-Systems MegaSIM. The new card, a first for the cellular industry will combine high capacity flash-based storage, with densities reaching 256 MB, and advanced security features.  The technology will make it possible for the next wave of cellular phones to include a variety of advanced mobile services such as MMS, MP3 and video downloading, full PIM functionality, and high-resolution picture storage – along with advanced security features ensuring data integrity and security, the company claims. MegaSIM acts like any standard SIM card and can be integrated without the need for redesigns or complicated hardware integration.  It can be used by all 2G and 3G GSM service providers for user identification and authentication and to store phone settings and numbers.  it is one of those ideas, which makes you wonder why didn’t someone think of it earlier. Every phone has a SIM card slot, and the combined card is smaller and perhaps more cost affective than adding separate memory cards. M-Systems will start-off with 16-256MB with higher capacities to follow. User data can easily be moved to a new cellular phone in a standardized way in the event of an upgrade or other phone substitution. Good one!