Motorola fesses upto v710 problems

motorolav710.jpgMotorola’s V710 problems, as noted by Russell, and a whole scores of others are pretty real and are causing the company major headaches. The company fessed up to this in its conference call. Moto said that the alignment of the camera module is
off center causing a recall and replacement of the phones in the channel. An
announcement of this issue should come through in the next few days, Legg Mason analyst Timm Bechter says, and points out that the company has a history of botching up products. Verizon is pissed to say the least and is looking else where, and chances are it could be looking at Nokia. “As has often been the case for Motorola, designing appealing products has been its strongpoint, while delivering those products on time and without problems has been more of an issue. We remind investors of a similar issue with one of the triplets last season, where the antenna blocked a portion of the camera’s view, and of the Motorola T720, which never made it through full testing with Verizon Wireless due to late delivery and was instead launched below Verizon’s traditionally stringent testing procedures, with many problems.” I am hearing that Motorola Razor might be delayed because of quality issues. Timm doesn’t point out that the Moto UI just simply sucks! I wonder what Albert Lin of American Technology Research have to say about this?