The Von View: Why I did not go to VoN

Andy writes: I could spend all day at VoN and get nothing done while at the same time get so much accomplished. It”s the kind of show where one meeting leads into another, some unexpected and others necessary…. how many of these companies won’t be here next year… That got me thinking how much VoN 2004 reminded me of Streaming Media East 2000…..And Martin has an interesting post, which tells me that I am not missing anything much except endless meetings and a constant feedback loop which will reinforce my “VoIP Hype” theory.

There’s just too many people at the conference with session border gateways, deep packet inspection probes, proxies, IP PBXs and IP Centrex. It gives me the shivvers. You should all harbour a great fear that the mistakes of the past are being repeated, driven by short-sighted network designs and corporate security paranoia.