LCOS is dead

Another day, and another chip cancellation at Intel Corp., the company which once defined corporate efficiency. Anyway they are canceling the liquid-crystal-on-silicon chips (LCOS) project because guess what, they can’t get it done. Oh no… isn’t this the chip which was going to kill DLP technology from Texas Instruments? Intel president Paul Otellini first promised to takethe company into the LCOS market at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, when he promised that LCOS would help deliver 50-inch TVs selling for less than $1,800 in 2005.
Well like everything Intel says, this turned out to be a whole lot of FUD. This brings me to the main point: if you are a consumer electronics company, and you are basing it on Intel chips, then your future is at risk. Intel and Microsoft are two companies that have made a fine art of over-promising and under delivering. Microsoft lured all those people into making Smart Displays only to pull the plug on the technology. Intel’s doing pretty much the same thing. Ouch! These kind of moves are going to make other companies like Phillips think twice about working with Intel. The cost is just too high! So what is next? Back pedalling on WiMAX!